About Us
Erica Andrus chose the name Boundbrook Farm from the name of Boundbrook Island in
Massachusetts, where her grandparents lived, and for the stream, a minor tributary to Mud Creek,
which slows and spreads into a broad ash-dominated wetland in the center of the farm.

Erik Andrus was inspired by a lifelong love of bread and the region's historic tradition of wheat
production to develop wheat and bread as the centerpieces of the life of the farm.
Boundbrook Farm
Good Companion Bakery
In times past, the collaboration needed for the growing of crops (wheat chief among them in
Western Europe and the U.S.) provided a rhythm and a structure to life, and a shared sense of
values and connection to place that held communities together.  It's our belief that these values
are not anachronisms. Community-oriented farming and food production can help reverse the
decline of farming in our region, help solve environmental and social problems, while bringing
products of solid, honest value to the table.

We bake in a retained-heat brick oven designed by Master Oven Builder Alan Scott.  We fire the
oven with about a wheelbarrow full of slabwood the day before we bake.  The oven stores
enough heat in its masonry mass for several batches of bread. We bake a range of European
hearth loaves, including pain au levain, baguettes, batards, ciabatta, epis de ble, boules, and
more.  All have a distinctive brick-oven-baked crust.
A "companion" is someone you
break bread with--the word
combines the Latin roots
con, or
"with," and
"pan," or bread.  This
history, packed into such an
everyday word, shows how
profoundly our culture is linked to
the making of bread.  
Boundbrook Farm is a 110 acre diversified farm
just outside of Vergennes, the oldest settlement in
Vermont and also its smallest city. The farm is the
largest remnant of the historic Burroughs Farm,
from which our road is named, and includes land
which has been in continuous use since colonial

We bought the property in February 2005, and
moved here summer of 2006.  We chose this
place for its good land, long history and vital